Q. What is the capacity?

A.  Up to 200 people (tables and chairs included) is perfect.  250 is comfortable.  300 people is maximum.  There is a $100 fee per every 25 people over 200.

Q. Is the venue ADA compliant?

A. Yes, the venue and entire building meets or exceeds ADA requirements including ADA equipped restrooms, venue access, and even an elevator.

Q. How long do I get the venue for?

A. You get the venue for a total of 8 hours. This includes your time for setup, event time, and cleanup. Doors must be locked and items removed no later than 12:00am (midnight).  Exceptions made on a case by case basis. Overtime rate is $200/hour billed in 30 minute increments ($100 per 30 minutes)

Q. Do you allow outside catering?

A. Yes, Metropolis does permit outside catering companies or do-it-yourself parties to provide for your event.  All outside vendors must be pre-approved by Metropolis. The prep/warming kitchen does not provide any utensils or prep items other than one standard refrigerator, counter space, electricity, three-compartment sink, paper towels and soap.

Q. Can we play music?

A. Yes, you can bring live bands or recorded music or a DJ or whatever you like.  The music must remain indoors. Special accommodations can be made for outdoor music.

Q. Does the venue rental come with an onsite manager for the event day?

A. Yes, however, the onsite manager is there to make sure that everything runs smoothly and to supervise Metropolis staff. The onsite manager and Metropolis staff have specific duties and are available for questions or assistance. They are not, however, to be considered "event planners" or "coordinators." If you need an event planner or coordinator, you will need to provide your own.

Q. Do I get anytime to do a wedding rehearsal, if needed?

A. Yes, with the rental of the venue for weddings, you are provided one 90 minute rehearsal held, generally, on a weekday between Monday and Thursday, depending on availability.  

Q. Is there onsite garbage disposal?

A. Yes, you are allowed to leave general event garbage on site for the venue to dispose of for you. Trash receptacles are provided, as well as access to a commercial dumpster and commercial recycling bin. Caterers dump any left-over food or solid wasted in our commercial dumpster.  Absolutely no food related liquids are to be dumped into any sink or trash can.  Caterers are required to take with them any large quantities of liquid waste (grease, sauces, etc.). Garbage disposal is for general expected disposable of plates, cups, decorations, some foods, etc. Garbage is to fit in a bag that is provided by the venue and/or dumped into the commercial dumpster.

Q. Can I bring decorating items, food items, rental items or other personal event items ahead of time or leave it for pick up the next day?

A. The venue's general policy is not to store any personal or rental items associated with your event overnight. However, we can discuss your needs on a case by case basis.  Please note, however, that Metropolis is not responsible for damage, theft, or any other loss regarding your person property, rental property, or any other property.

Q. Do you have restrooms?

A. Yes, Metropolis has a 4 stall women's restroom and a 2 stall, 3 urinal men's restroom. All restrooms meet or exceed ADA requirements. Toilet paper, hand soap, and paper hand towels are provided.

Q. Are tables and chairs prodivded?

A. Yes, up to (25) 6' round tables, up to (6) 8' rectangular banquets tables, up to (6) 24'" round cocktail tables, and up to 200 banquet chairs are all included in all standard rentals.  If additional tables or chairs are required, additional fees may apply.

Q. Do you require special event liability insurance?

A. No, as a full service event venue, we carry liability insurance and liquor liability insurance.  However, you may want to consider obtaining your own one day event insurance to cover any liability caused by attendees and/or vendors from your event.

Q. Do you allow candles to be used in your venue?

A. Yes, however they do need to be in a container such as a votive cup, hurricane cover or other type of candle holder with no open flame exposed.  Candles use will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Q. Do you permit sparklers or other fireworks?

A. We do not permit the usage of sparklers or fireworks because we are an indoor facility. However, you can use sparklers outside if you plan on a "send off" at the end of an event.

Q. Do you have a full bar?

A. Yes, we do have a fully stocked bar and bar staff. The bar can be hosted or non-hosted.  Ask your Metropolis representative for details.

Q. Can we bring our own alcohol?

A. No, due to our liquor licensing, you cannot bring outside alcoholic beverages to your event. Metropolis will provide all alcoholic beverages and staff for alcoholic beverage service. We can generally acquire any beverages you wish to have at your event. Please discuss this with your Metropolis representative.